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10 Top Things to do in Ethiopia
Every country has its outstanding and special attractions that cannot be missed Ethiopia is not an exception. There are many things to do in Ethiopia but first let us put things to context. ¬†Sitting landlocked on the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is blessed with incredible natural beauty and abundant rare wildlife. It has also nurtured […]
Best Time To Go To Ethiopia
When is the best time to go to Ethiopia? To get to know when the best time to go to Ethiopia is, you need to know where Ethiopia is located. Ethiopia is located not far from the equator, that most areas are a year-round destination with slight weather variations. It is therefore important to know […]
Is Gorilla Trekking Safe
Is gorilla trekking safe? Those are some of the questions we receive. There has been a recent threat of Ebola in Congo and also the considerable size of a fully grown silverback, we usually receive questions regarding security and safety during gorilla trekking. Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo receive considerable revenue from […]
6 Practical tips to Consider when Planning Rwanda Safari
Are you planning Rwanda safari? In this article, we give you give you practical steps on how to engage in planning Rwanda safari like a pro. Planning an Africa safari to Rwanda might be a daunting task not only for first timers but also for seasoned travelers who lack the right information. It is therefore […]