• 8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike
  • 8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike
  • 8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike
  • 8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike
  • 8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike
  • 8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike

This Mount Kilimanjaro hike starts on Rongai Trailhead. The trail on the 8 day Mount Kilimanjaro hike begins from the north side. You will be using the Rongai Route.

8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike on Rongai Route

This Mount Kilimanjaro hike starts on Rongai Trailhead. The trail on the 8 day Mount Kilimanjaro hike begins from the north side. This Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing route is often used by few trekkers.

Your Mount Kilimanjaro hike then joins with the Marangu on the final assault to the summit. There will be few others that you will meet along this Mount Kilimanjaro climbing route. The climb on this route affords the opportunity to witness up-close the Mawenzi volcano. This is the second highest peak of Kilimanjaro.

You will also be able to see the magnificent saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo Peak. Accommodation while on Mount Kilimanjaro hike on this route is in mountain tents.

8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: RONGAI GATE (6,550 ft) – RONGAI 1 CAVES CAMP (9,285 ft)

You will from Arusha at 0800 hrs to Rongai gate. This will be on 5 hours drive after Mount Kilimanjaro hike brief. You will undertake Mount Kilimanjaro hike registration at the gate. It is at this point that you will meet the porters and guides.

8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro HikeStart the Mount Kilimanjaro hike with a 3 to 4 hours walk to the first camp.  The walk is at a leisurely pace through fields and then into the rain forest. Arrive at your camp set in the heather.

Day 2: RONGAI 1 CAVES – RONGAI 2 CAVES CAMP (11,300 ft)

After breakfast your Mount Kilimanjaro hike takes about 4-5 hours walk. You will go through the heather to second caves. If the weather is clear, Mawenzi will be in stunning plain view.


Your Mount Kilimanjaro hike on this day is a short. It is designed to help you acclimatize. A smaller track leads off the main trail. This goes through the moorland and towards Mawenzi’s steeply rising slopes.

8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro HikeThe trekking time is about 3 – 5 hours. You will arrive in Kilelewa Caves camp for a hot lunch. You have a chance to acclimatize while exploring the surrounding landscape. This includes of bizarre plants and rock formations and caves.


You will trek from the moorland into the stark highland desert towards Mawenzi. This Mount Kilimanjaro hike trail is not frequented by many tourists.

From the Tarn Campsite you will enjoy a magnificent view. This is across the saddle towards Kibo, which is your final target.  Total trekking time is 5-7 hours. A resupply of fresh food and supplies will reach camp this evening.


The trekking time on Mount Kilimanjaro hike today is 5 – 7 hours. It is a relatively easy hike across the wide saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo.

8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro HikeThe trek takes you across the massive saddle. The crossing is impressive and the landscape spectacularly stark.  Prepare all your gear for the next day ahead, and turn in early to rest.


Today’s Mount Kilimanjaro hike starts at 0500 hrs. This will be with a wake-up call for breakfast. You have a juggernaut (7-10 hours of trekking) on this day. You will embark on trekking at 0600 hrs. This will be up the winding path of endless switchbacks.

From your camp you will head to the rim of the crater. This is Gillman’s located at Point 18,750 ft./ 5,712 m. Your 7 – 8 hours trek gets you to Uhuru Peak.  The slope is steep, with switchbacks. You will go over loose rock and scree.

There are some boulders as you near Gilman’s Point.  You will stop at Hans Meyer cave on the way.  Once at Gilman’s Point the trail to the summit is less demanding.

8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro HikeYou will arrive at the summit in the early afternoon hours. There are usually no other tourists there at that time. This is also the time with the best weather of the day. From the summit we take a short descent to reach the Crater Camp.

The camp is set in soft sands. This is near the retreating vertical ice walls of the Furtwangler glacier. Rest and enjoy snacks and hot drinks in the mess tent.

You can opt to explore the strange landscape of the inner crater. This will include a visit to Reusch Crater, the ash pit, and the glaciers. Not so many people on Mount Kilimanjaro hike ever experience the summit zone in this way.

Day 7: CRATER CAMP – HOROMBO CAMP (10,200 ft)

Your Mount Kilimanjaro hike goes across the crater floor’s lunar landscape. You will be heading to Gilman’s Point. From here you descend for 3 hours steeply to Kibo hut. Here you will have a break for some rest and lunch.

Another 3 to 4 hours will be enough to get you to Horombo Camp. The trekking time from Crater Camp to Horombo camp will be from 6-9 hours.

Day 8: HOROMBO – MARANGU GATE (5,900 ft)

Start your day on Mount Kilimanjaro hike by descending straight to the gate. After 5 – 6 hours you will be at the gate in time for lunch. You will also receive your Mount Kilimanjaro climbing certificate here. Enjoy a transfer back to Arusha for a much-welcomed shower!

———- End of 8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike ———-

8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike Costs:

8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike Inclusions/Exclusions

  • Group transport to and from Moshi to the trail head
  • Kilimanjaro National Park permits, camping/hut fees, rescue fees and Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Expert guide, assistant guides, cook and porters
  • Bottled oxygen, for emergency rescue only
  • Private toilet
  • Four season, 3 person mountain tents, double occupancy
  • Sleeping pad, foam, 1.5 inches thick
  • Mess tents, tables, chairs, lanterns
  • Fresh, nutritious meals on the mountain
  • Breakfast at hotel

Not included in 8 Day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike Price:

  • Airfare
  • Lunch or dinner at hotel
  • Beverages at hotel
  • Personal gear and equipment
  • Tips

Costs of extra services:

  • Single supplement, for single tent/room, per trip $250
  • Extra porter, for excess gear, per day $30
  • Extra hotel night in Moshi, check in 11 AM, check out 10 AM, per double room $90
  • Sleeping bag rental, Mountain Hardwear Lamina, synthetic -30F, per trip $50
  • No rental reservations necessary, payable in Tanzania
  • Trekking poles rental, telescopic, per trip $20
    No rental reservations necessary, payable in Tanzania
  • Mount Meru climb (4 days/3 nights + 2 nights hotel)
    per person $1,495 (2+ climbers), solo climber $1,695

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