Things to Do in Zambia

Things to Do in Zambia

There are so many things to do in Zambia. Zambia is the unknown treasure of Africa. It protects outstanding natural beauty and is one of the most pristine and untouched wildlife sanctuaries on the continent.

Zambia is not popular as a safari country and therefore the visitor numbers are low. The country’s vast patches of untouched wilderness have remained unchanged for millennia.

Among the things to do in Zambia include being able to explore these areas and see wildlife without sharing the experience with many others. This is a privilege that is hard to find these days.

Zambia is also a diverse nation made up of countless tribes, each speaking their own language in addition to seven official languages, including English.

Zambians are very cheerful and friendly people who welcome guests into their beautiful home. Here is my compilation of the top 10 things to things to do in Zambia.

Top 10 Things to do in Zambia

1. Go White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River

Things to Do in Zambia

Among the best things to do in Zambia is white water rafting. Considered one of the greatest rafting experiences on the planet, Batoka Gorge offers one of the most intense sensory thrills imaginable.

Its 23 rapids and amazing landscapes deep within the black rocks offer the adrenaline junkies a wild ride along the route of the Great Zambezi, which has been excavated for millennia.

The rapids are ridden on large rubber rafts that are launched from under the Victoria Falls. When the river is high (March-July), only the last 13 rapids can be attempted.

Descend deep into a steep canyon and continue your wild journey as you embark on a fully guided rafting adventure in the Nyaminyami River region.

2.  Try Bird Watching in Liuwa Lai National Bird Range

Why can’t you add bird watching on the list of things to do in Zambia? This unspoiled wilderness in western Zambia is a prime destination for migratory species, with huge flocks of birds in the skies above Liuwa in May and July.

When the seasonal floods fill the pans, birders will be delighted to see a variety of remarkable species, from whooping cranes and whooping cranes to marsh cranes, ospreys and kingfishers. Liuwa has several bird habitats and the plains are full of forest that provides shelter to several species.

Things to Do in Zambia

Dramatic storms and lightning rising on the horizon, contrasted with green and golden meadows, create stunning views and great photo opportunities.

3. Enjoy the Traditional Fountain at the Royal Livingstone Hotel

Make sure the list of things to do in Zambia includes an afternoon at the Royal Livingstone hotel. Make time for a charming afternoon ritual from a bygone era with traditional afternoon tea at the Royal Livingstone Hotel (managed by Anantara).

Named after the legendary African explorer, the Royal Livingstone Hotel exudes Victorian grace and elegance.

With the rhythmic roar of Victoria Falls in the distance, you can sit on the large sun terrace and sample a selection of fragrant tea blends from around the world, as well as delicious cakes, sweets and delicious delicacies.

Stop every now and then to enjoy a drink in the beautiful scenery, but don’t get so distracted that you forget to try the hotel’s famous carrot cake or the very tasty chocolate eight-shaped cake.

4. See Zambia’s Last Remaining Narsakui at Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park

Among top things to do in Zambia would be to visit this Heritage site. Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes Victoria Falls (more details below) and stretches about 12 km (7.5 miles) along the Zambezi River above the falls.

The national park offers scenic game drives, including the chance to see the country’s only white rhino, as well as elephants, giraffes, zebras and buffalo.

Lazy pods of hippos and salmon-toothed crocodiles line the banks of the Zambezi, and various species of birds flit by the river.

With beautiful river views, Mosi-Oa-Tunya is the perfect destination for anyone wanting to encounter some of Africa’s richest wildlife against a picturesque backdrop.

5. Ride the Land Cruise in the Lower Zambezi National Park

Things to Do in Zambia

The magnificent Lower Zambezi National Park should not miss in your things to do in Zambia. This park encompasses 1,092 square kilometers (1,580 sq mi) of untouched wilderness.

It is located next to Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools Reserve, creating a vast area of ​​protected wilderness with breathtaking views of the Zambezi River and a lush riverine environment.

One of the highlights here is to slowly navigate the pristine waters of the Zambezi River on a leisurely boat cruise that reveals magnificent riverside vegetation and exceptional wildlife.

It is not uncommon to see huge herds of elephants on the banks of the river, as well as leopards, buffaloes and lions.

As the day draws to a close, raise your glass from the sandbar in the middle of the river and toast to another day of adventure in Africa.

6. Glide Silently In a Hot Air Balloon over the Pond of Kafue National Park

Established as a national park in the 1950s by the legendary Norman Carr, Kafue is one of Africa’s most remote, largest and little-known African safari tour destinations and not including it in your things to do in Zambia is a disaster.

Things to Do in Zambia

In the northwest corner of Kafue spread the Busanga Plains, a vast mosaic of grassy seasonal floodplains that stretch to the horizon.

This area is only open during the dry season (June-October) because flood waters inundate Kafue during the rainy months, preventing access. When the floods recede, Busanga becomes a mecca for wildlife and birds.

A great experience is a hot air balloon safari over the magical landscapes of Kafue, with abundant wildlife below. Celebrate your adventure with a delicious champagne breakfast upon landing!

7. Experience the Other Great West of Africa

The Liuwa Plain was declared a reserve in the early 1880s by King Lewanika, leader of the Lozi tribe, and is one of Africa’s oldest reserves.

Do not let your list of things to do in Zambia miss this remote and wild, Liuwa is the second largest wildebeest migration site in Africa and is rarely visited.

In November, enormous herds of animals move and graze between the different pans of the park, along with herds of zebra and tsetsebe and lechwe antelope.

The hyena is the king of carnivores in Liuwa and up to 50 clans can be seen there. Cheetah and wild dog are also found.

Although the decline of the park’s lion population was documented in the book The Last Lioness, the reintroduction of new blood saw the first cubs born in Liuwa in over a decade.

8. Spoil Yourself Silly in One of South Africa’s Most Exclusive Safari Lodges

A Zambia safari is not a safari without some self-love, hence the inclusion of this in the list of things to do in Zambia.

Designed by award-winning architects Silvio Rechi and Lesley Carstens, Time Tide Chinzombo sits on a sweeping bend in the Luangwa River and is Zambia’s most luxurious hotel.

Six beautiful and wildly luxurious villas combine a modern architectural atmosphere with natural materials such as leather, leather and fabric.

Each villa has its own private plunge pool and sits on a raised deck overlooking the tranquil river and abundant wildlife along its banks.

A winding road connects the villas to a common lounge and dining area shaded by msikizi trees. A boat trip across the river gives guests direct access to the game-rich Luangwa National Park.

9. Relax With Safari Animals on a South Luangwa Walk

South Luangwa National Park is known as the birthplace of the walking safari and missing this in your list of things to do in Zambia will be a crime.

Things to Do in Zambia

There are few better places in Zambia to try this exciting adventure. Since large areas are not accessible by road, you will see almost nothing but wildlife when you explore the park on foot.

Elephant, lion, wild dog, spotted hyena, giraffe and suitor are just some of the games you might see. Once you’ve approached a herd of a hundred buffalo on foot, viewing the game from a vehicle may never offer the same thrill.

On a walking safari, you also get a completely different perspective and learn to appreciate many smaller things that cannot be easily seen from a vehicle.

Activate all your senses as you smell, feel, touch and hear the African bush!

10. Explore the one of the 7 Wonders of the World

At the top of the list of things to do in Zambia is exploring Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is the world’s largest curtain of falling water, stretching almost two kilometers (more than a mile) and dropping 103 meters (338 feet).

The enormous amount of water falling over the rocky cliffs (500 million liters or 132 million gallons per minute at full flow) creates a cloud of spray that can be seen for miles.

Things to Do in Zambia

The noise and fog are so great that the original local name given to the waterfall was Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “smoke that thunders”.

British explorer and missionary David Livingstone discovered the falls in 1855 and renamed the falls in honor of his queen.

The falls can be accessed on foot, but to get the best impression of its phenomenal size, you need to book a scenic helicopter flight.

There are many things to do in Zambia. In this article we have just tackled 10 of the most popular things to do in Zambia.