Things to Do in Madagascar

Things to Do in Madagascar

If you are looking for things to do in Madagascar, then you are in the right place. This is because Madagascar is the fourth largest Island in the world. The island has endemic flora and fauna. You will find untouched tropical beaches here in Madagascar. It is the only place in the world to see the lemurs.

Undiscovered Destination

It is important to note that Madagascar still remains undiscovered. Not many tourist ventures into this unique island. This is because they are almost taken away by the sheer uniqueness of this quirky island.

To help you, we have thus below put some favorite things to do in Madagascar. This is not a complete list of things to do in Madagascar as there is much more.

Top Things to Do in Madagascar

Tracking the Cheeky Lemurs

This makes it to the top of things to do in Madagascar. The best Place to see the lemurs include:

  • Andasibe
  • Berenty
  • Anjajavy
  • Isalo
  • Ankarafantsika

You will be looking out for the tiny egg-cup sized mouse lemur. Also there is the the morning calls of the teddy bear-esque Indri. Madagascar offers something truly unique for the wildlife lover. If your wish is to see the renowned sifakas or the dancing lemurs then head south. The southern reserve of Berenty is world renowned as well as the Relais and Chateaux private reserve of Anjajavy.

There is however nothing as beautiful as watching the lazy ring-tailed lemurs. You can catch them spread out sunbathing as the early morning sun comes over the horizon. For many lemurs are cuddly. But just in case they are not cuddly enough for you as they are, then look for the best time to see them.

Make sure you visit during the months of October and November. It is baby lemur season, ideal for those on Madagascar photo safari. The best time to visit Madagascar to see lemurs is from June to December

Watching Whales

Another activity making it to the top of things to do in Madagascar. The east coast is the hot spot for some world class sightings. Here humpback whales migrate through this eastern oceanic corridor, even using it for calving.

If you are looking for the best times to see whales then July and September are ideal. You will have the whales populate the area specifically around Ile Sainte Marie.

One of a MUST thing to do during your stay is to spend a morning out with the MEGAPETRA whale research team. Your time will be spent out with the whales and assisting the team to collect useful data. This is for their everyday studies of monitoring the migrating patterns of these marine giants.

You are likely to have best sightings of the whales in Ile Sainte Marie between July to September

The Majestic Baobab Avenue

A visit to the Baobab Avenue must make it to the list of top things to do in Madagascar. Baobabs dot around this tropical island. The hotspot and a superb destination for photographers is the Avenue of Baobabs. Kirindy is the superb location of the Baobab Avenue.

This majestic avenue has huge baobabs on both sides. This makes for giants in the surrounding countryside. The best time to visit the Avenue is at sunrise or sunset. It is then that you will be able to take advantage of this spectacular setting in the best light.

This is just not tourist attraction, but baobabs are sources of medicinal remedies for the locals. They are often useful water resources as rain is trapped in their huge trunks. This form pools for wildlife and even humans to drink from.

The baobabs act as refuge for wildlife with the network of branches. The huge trunk forming the ideal hiding place from predators. The best place to see the baobabs is the Avenue de baobabs in Kirindy.

Sun Bathe on the Pristine White Sandy Beaches.

Madagascar has 5000km of coastline, therefore the sea is never very far, turquoise and idyllic in places. From private islands to luxury retreats, there are many options available to to rest. This is at the end of your Madagascar tour or any other African Safari tour. You can try Anjajavy, a beautiful Relais and Chateaux property located on the west (north-west) coast of Madagascar.

Things to do in Madagascar

Located in its own private nature reserve, Anjajavy offers authentic luxury on the beach. At the same time you will be able to explore the reserve under your own steam. Don’t taken aback if at afternoon tea you get a troupe of dancing sifakas. This is as they skip across the lodge lawn!

Tsarabanjina Island is a beautiful private island used to be the sister hotel of Anjajavy. It is set off the coast of Nosy Be off the north western coastline of Madagascar. Tsarabanjina can only be accessed by float plane or a rather speedy sea transfer!

Expect cosy beach bungalows, great diving and a sand floored bar. This makes Tsarabanjina a great place to wind down. It is also an ideal spot for a lazy few days at the end of a honeymoon.

Princesse Bora Lodge is located on Ile Sainte Marie off the east coast of Madagascar. It is an intimate property combining with the forests of Andasibe with the cozy private reserve of Palmarium. Princesse Bora Lodge is also the ideal location for setting out with the Megapetra whale research team. This is for whale watching between the months of July and September. Best beaches in Madagascar include Ile Sainte Marie, Anjajavy, Ifaty and Nosy Be.

Explore the Various Geographical Features

Madagascar boasts of varying landscape, vegetation and climatic conditions. The capital Antananarivo is on a slightly chillier high plateau. If you head to the south Madagascar offers desert environment.

There are the rainforests of the east and dramatic rock formations of Isalo. Don’t forget the tsingy, spiky limestone rock formations of the north. Then there is the baobab lined avenues of the west. Madagascar surprises you at every turn, making for a truly unique holiday of a lifetime.

Other Things to Do in Madagascar

Walk the Hills of Antananarivo

Your journey on this walk begins in Antananarivo or Tana as the locals call it. The city was built over a set of rolling hills. You will find stunning combination of Malagasy and French colonial architecture. Church steeples peek out through the tangle of timber and concrete.

Climb the hills up towards the Queen’s Palace. Here you will enjoy the stunning views of the city unfolding around you. Wander down side streets and dirt trails through little neighborhoods. This allows you to see how locals live in the city.

Take in the View at Ambohimanga

This is just15-mile drive from Antananarivo. It is the old royal fort of Ambohimanga. Home to the king of the Merina people before French colonization. The hillside site is a great example of traditional culture.

For a few dollars you can hire a local guide for a formal tour and history of the property. Follow a nearby trail and you’ll enjoy sweeping view across the central plains and rice paddies.

Canoeing the Manambolo River

This for me is a must thing to do in Madagascar. Paddle a Dugout Canoe from Bekopaka. The town of Bekopaka is best known for the Grand and Petite Tsingy. However you can enjoy a dugout canoe trip down the nearby Manambolo River. This offers spectacular views of limestone cliff walls and ancient tombs. The Sakalava ethnic group are the original inhabitants of the region. They buried their dead in piled stone caves along the cliff walls. It is possible to stop along the river and explore some of the caves along the way.

Scale the Tsingy Landscape

The Tsingy de Bemaraha is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the finest examples of karstic landscapes in the world. You will experience razor sharp limestone rocks. These are carved out by erosion give the landscape the look of a stone forest.

You’ll need to hire a local guide to explore both the petite and grand tsingy formations. Leave before sunrise to arrive early. It helps you avoid the crushing heat that bounces off the rocks during mid-day. Test your fear of heights and walk across the wire bridge spanning a deep chasm drop.


Whatever it is that may motivate you to go to Madagascar, there are lots of things attractions. We have just but mentioned a few a muts things to do in Madagascar. Let us help you discover the undiscovered in Mada. That is why ASTHO Vacations exists.