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Seychelles Holidays

Irresistible island escapes and some of the best beaches in the world combine with extraordinary natural beauty on a holiday to the Seychelles. Made for exploration, relaxation and spectacular island-hopping adventures, Seychelles holidays range from sunbathing for days on talcum-powder sands, hiking through World Heritage-listed nature reserves and even going Robinson Crusoe on your own desert island. Seychelles holiday you can take the time to explore as little or as much you like.

Seychelles Holidays

Enjoy the porcelain-white sands and sky-blue waters are a given, but it’s the huge, granite boulders that set them apart from the rest. Anse Lazio, on Praslin Island is considered one of the world’s best-looking stretches. From giant rocks to giant tortoises, wildlife blossoms on these islands. Blue pigeons and endangered black parrots swoop around the jungle canopies on Praslin, while the remote Aldabra Atoll’s home to more wild tortoises than people.

Seychelles Holidays

The Seychelles’ charm lies in its isolation. The archipelago’s 115 idyllic islands are scattered all over the Indian Ocean. They’re 500 miles from their closest neighbor, Madagascar, and 900 miles from the shores of the African mainland. Thanks to this seclusion, its beaches and forests are virtually untouched and rarely crowded. It’s probably why it’s a favorite with honeymooners, celebs and even royalty. William and Kate flew here after their nuptials.

Seychelles Holidays

With its dazzling white shorelines and hypnotic coral reefs, the Seychelles is a picture-perfect collection of tiny islands that are home to some of the most beautiful beaches and exclusive hotels in the world. From rare coco de mer tree and towering granite rocks to the giant tortoises, world-famous beaches and exotic jungle-clad interiors, this sun-drenched treasure in the Indian Ocean will leave you stunned at its outstanding natural beauty.

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