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Rwanda Travels

Rwanda is not just all about tracking mountain gorillas; other great wildlife destinations such as the primate-packed Nyungwe Forest National Park. Rwanda safaris offer fantastic chimpanzee and birding safaris that combine well with a Volcanoes National Park gorilla trek. In addition, Lake Kivu and Akagera National Park offer everything from beautiful views. There are excellent hiking and spectacular canopy tours to Big 5 game drives.

Rwanda Travels

Nearly all of Rwanda safaris and tours revolve around gorilla trekking in the fabled Volcanoes National Park but because of the country’s close geographical and ecological ties with neighboring Uganda, many of Rwanda’s tours encompass aspects of both countries. From stealing magic moments with mountain-dwelling gorillas to experiencing heart-warming encounters with villagers, all our Rwanda safaris and tours will deliver experiences unlike any other.

Rwanda Travels

Rwanda Gorilla Tours will allow you to discover and an up-close encounter with the highly endangered mountain gorillas found in Volcanoes National Park that lies in the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest in Uganda. Meeting the gentle giants or mountain gorillas has been described as one of the best wildlife experiences in the world.

A mountain gorilla trek is an electrifying experience. Hiking through lushly sloping hills and spotting a gorilla peeking out from the bush, or happening upon a mother watching over her babies is once-in-a-lifetime experience that changes you forever. On an African Safari Tour Holiday (ASTHO) Vacations Rwanda safari, you venture to one of the best places on earth to track gorillas, the exciting Parc National de Volcans (PNV).

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Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is at the corner or northwestern Rwanda. This Rwanda National Park is a breath-taking unforgettable place where culture, adventure and conservation intersect.

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe forest national park is found in western Rwanda and is one of the world’s most beautiful and pristine mountain rain forests. It is dominated by a series of mountains.

Kigali Rwanda

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda. Kigali is Rwanda's biggest city with a population of 850,000, it's also the commercial capital of the country.

Akagera National Park Rwanda

Akagera National Park is located in the north east of Rwanda along the border with Tanzania. Although founded in 1934, much of the park was re-allocated as farms and in 1997.

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Rwanda Gorilla Permits
Rwanda Gorilla Permits Rwanda gorilla permits are documents that are issued to allow client access to the mountain gorillas. You will have to present this document at the park headquarters on the trekking date upon arrival in the morning. You will be allocated a random gorilla family or gorilla group for your Rwanda gorilla trekking […]
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