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mozambique holidays

Mozambique holidays takes you to some of Africa’s best-kept secrets. This hidden gem boasts over 2,500 kilometres (1,553 miles) of unspoilt coastline, brimming with pristine beaches and tropical offshore islands. Where its more high-profile counterparts, like Seychelles, Zanzibar, and Mauritius, might see more foot traffic, a Mozambique holiday or Moçambique holiday, if you prefer the Portuguese spelling, is fast becoming the continent’s top destination for a classic tropical island vacation.

mozambique holidays

Mozambique trips often consist of visiting the mainland or an idyllic island off the coast, like Quirimbas Island, Bazaruto Island or Benguerra Island. Mozambique beaches offer some of the best barefoot African luxury holidays in the world, with a wide array of exciting activities to keep you busy. But there’s more to Mozambique holidays than just tropical islands, immaculate beaches, and frolicking in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

mozambique holidays

With its exceptional ability to offer unforgettable bush and beach safaris in paradise, Mozambique is standout destination in Africa. Mozambique beaches have a way of dispelling the stressors of everyday life and slowing things down to island time. Although Mozambique is fast gaining a reputation for being Africa’s best beach destination, much of the coastline remains untouched, leaving you with lots of options for a truly private Mozambique beach experience.

Mozambique holidays

Mozambique is a gem of a discovery, located on the Indian Ocean coastline of Southern Africa; the idyllic setting for families, honeymooners or groups of friends. Romantic Mozambique Holidays allows for relaxation takes over and you submit to the romance and magic of this special holiday destination. Enjoy diving or surfing, or doing as little as possible. Walk on the white sandy beaches and appreciate the beautiful sunsets.

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