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Malindi is the second famous town in the coastal region after Mombassa. It is located on the Malindi Bay at the mouth of the Galana River, lying on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. Some decades ago the people in Malindi economically depended on fishing, hunting, agriculture, and collecting of salt.

Today Malindi prides itself due to the boom in the tourism sector. The city is exceptionally popular among Italian tourists but this is changing with time due to the diversification that Malindi is receiving.

Malindi people are now investing all their strengths in tourism because it has become so major. This people’s friendliness and welcoming attitude is so immense that they make you as a tourist to enjoy more.

Some even offer to teach you their Swahili language as they are showing you around the great sceneries of Malindi. Among other things is the fascination that cannot be contended in any other tourist destination in the world over.

Malindi is well known for its gastronomic expertise with the restaurants, hotels, coffeehouses, and other eating places. Malindi offers a wide variety of gastronomy varying from local to international flavors.

All visitors should make it a priority to visit the revived architectural industry and carpentry that specialize in local wood artifacts. Malindi has got various talented woodcarvers that can make you very unique furniture’s like the famous Lamu beds.

Given that Malindi is a seaside resort do remember to go swimming in the warm waters, go deep sea fishing or visit marine parks alongside sunbathing and other sports in this lovely God given paradise.

Another splendid scene is the coral reefs of Malindi. On what’s called the Coral Coast provides a very nice introduction to the area, there are surfing snorkeling deep-sea fishing and other water sports.

Finally, you can not claim to have been in Malindi if you do not visit; the beautiful beaches, the Malindi and Watamu marine parks, the Gedi Ruins, the Vasco Da Gamma Pillar, the Portuguese Chapel, the Pillar tombs and the Arabuko Sokoke forest.

Other attractions include the Kipepeo Project, the Falconry of Kenya, Snake and Crocodile farm, the Media Creek, Mambrui Ruins, Hell’s Kitchen and Malindi’s many night spots and shopping places.

Transport in Malindi is also adequate; it is served with a domestic airport and a highway between Mombasa and Lamu. Malindi is home to the Malindi Airport and Broglio Space Port.

To move around in Malindi you can use taxis that have been approved and scrutinized by the hotels you are probably staying in. You can also rent bicycles that been established by the locals as part of their business.

In addition, you can request a mini bus for yourself, but you will have to pay more to make up for the money the driver is not getting from other riders. You can usually quibble and work out a price with the driver before you get in.

Variables that will affect the price include how far you are going and how many people you are with. How many bags you have is also an issue from time to time. It definitely helps to know the language, but you should be able to get by if you don’t.