Introducing Ng’a Moru Wilderness Camp

Introducing Ng’a Moru Wilderness Camp

Ng’a Moru is tucked in the eastern edge of Northern Uganda, bordering Kenya and the new African state of Southern Sudan lies an unbeaten track, a virgin territory.

Away from the many prying strangers’ eyes, with no noise of the 4 X 4 metallic animals created by man crowding a lion that has just made a kill and with just countable structures standing to cater for humanity’s so called comfort lies Kidepo Valley National Park.

Introducing Ng’a Moru Wilderness Camp

Kidepo Valley National Park is by far one of Uganda’s spectacular parks. One of the few parks where one can do a walking safari and a night game drive. Wild animals to be seen here include:

  • Big cats that include Lions, Leopards and cheetah
  • herds of elephants, buffaloes and antelopes
  • Birds of prey that includes the vultures
  • Other birds like the ostrich and birds of prey are some of animals to be seen at Kidepo Valley National Park.

Ng’a Moru Wilderness Camp

Hidden away from the busy city life and standing in the vast savannah openness at the edge of Kidepo Valley National Park and unknown to many people is a secret, a rare gem, a perfect place to experience an African safari in Uganda – the Ng’a Moru Wilderness Camp.

Introducing Ng’a Moru Wilderness Camp

Ng’a Moru’ is the local dialect that means ‘the place of rocks’ as the savannah grassland here is dotted with rock outcrops. Ng’a Moru Wilderness Camp sits on 98-acre piece of land bordering Kidepo Valley.

There are many reasons why you would want to spend your African safari nights under the sky in Kidepo Valley at Ng’a Moru. Some of these reasons are:

  • The ever smiling friendly staff who will make you feel at home
  • Recipe of homemade delicacies including a 2 course dinner to satisfy your appetite
  • Plenty of game within the ranch with an outstanding scenery
  • The large luxury en-suite canvas safari tents under a thatched roof
  • An opportunity for a night game drive on request
  • Friendly rates on an all inclusive basis that includes selected beer and wine

Getting There

A Uganda safari to Ng’a Moru Wilderness lodge is a 2 days trip by road from Kampala. You need a good 4 X 4 safari vehicle and a great guide. The scenery along the way is just amazing.

An overnight stay is necessary at Kitgum. You can opt to spend your night in Kitgum at Fugly’s that is under the same proprietorship as Ng’a Moru Wilderness Camp.

If not carrying own lunch, you can stop in Gulu for lunch before you proceed to Kitgum. From Kitgum to Ng’a Moru is just a 2 hours 30 minutes drive on graded murram road.

Introducing Ng’a Moru Wilderness Camp

You can also opt to fly in from Kampala by taking the Eagle Air flight that goes to Kidepo once a week and if you do not have enough time and with the financial muscles, why not charter a flight. The airstrip is just 10 minutes drive away and the Kidepo safari camp can organize return transfers including game drives.

If you are looking for destinations where you will be assured of a handful of vehicles at any given moment then Kidepo Valley is the place to go.

Introducing Ng’a Moru Wilderness Camp

If real adventure is your thing and scenery your air, if you just want to a wild place to experience where the term ‘home away from home’ literally applies, then Ng’a Moru Wilderness Lodge is that home.