How Safe is Rwanda

How Safe is Rwanda

Africa has quite some beautiful destinations to go to. The ultimate choice often depends on what you want to do. Rwanda is definitely one such destination you would not want to miss. It is beautiful, cool, hilly but above all it is home to the mountain gorillas. But, are you planning an African safari to Rwanda? If so, the next question that will come is how safe is Rwanda?

Africa is famous for the political instability and civil wars. Rwanda has also been through this. I know you have watched Hotel Rwanda so you know. That is but that is in the past. ASTHO Vacations answer to the question how safe is Rwanda? That is a wholehearted “Yes!”

Political Instability and Civil War

Most of us know that Rwanda has gone through political instability and a civil war. As a result, this has resulted into permanent scars within and without Rwanda. You will find evidence of the same in several memorial museums within Rwanda. It is important not to allow, the thoughts to deter you from going to Rwanda! Rwanda has rebuilt into a vibrant and progressive space. There is an emphasis on community growth and preserving its natural resources.

How Safe is Rwanda? The History of Genocide

It is now more than 20 years since 1994’s Rwandan genocide. It is a sad reminder of how human beings can lose their minds. It is a tragedy that all humanity would want to forget but it happened. It is sad though that this nightmare still affects the population to date. Especially for those who experienced violence and loss first hand.

How Safe is Rwanda

One early morning in April of 1994 the plane carrying 2 presidents was shot down. This was not only a signal but the beginning of a killing spree never seen before. Within one month, over 500,000 people most from the Tutsis and moderate Hutus were dead. Rwanda was heading to the dogs and people turned into animals. Most streets had litters of human corpse with the stench of rotting flesh. The question how safe is Rwanda then could not come up. Everything was in the media both electronic and print. Even the UN was not safe in Rwanda as they had their bases attacked.

Ethnic Profiling

As in most African countries, the reason had been power struggle. From the beginning and at colonization, the Belgium had divided the country by race. They could measure the nose to decide who gets a job and who does not. At the point of departure, Belgium left Rwanda a more divided country.

The Hutus got to government and the hatred continued. This boiled and overflowed in 1994 and hell broke loose. How safe was Rwanda? It was not safe to go. In 2004 we had the film Hotel Rwanda.This brought the world’s attention back to the Rwandan Civil War and Genocide.

The Healing: Beginning of Safety in Rwanda

When the madness stopped, the damage had already done. It was now time to rebuild the country. Thanks to the new regime that made 180 degrees turn around to bring safety to Rwanda.

Hotel Rwanda serves as a reminder for this part of history. The current state of Rwanda is a much more peaceful place. The Rwandan people have worked overboard to recover from the violence. You will find the evidence of the past in memorial spots across the country. One of those places is the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center within the city. ASTHO Vacations has a tour to the genocide museum in Kigali to learn this. This provides travelers with both the dark and light times of the country’s history.

How Safe is Kigali Rwanda?

Kigali is Rwanda’s capital. This is one of Africa’s safest and most modern cities. So, if you are asking how safe is Rwanda, Kigali is the start point.

How Safe is Rwanda

Kigali has experienced dramatic economic growth in the last few years. There are world class restaurants and impressive hotels. You will also find a vibrant arts and culture community. This has turned the capital into a model city for the rest of Africa.

Kigali is uplifting its population is through building strong communities. It is also helping people overcome poverty. This is among the measures that is helping bring safety to Rwanda.

How safe is Rwanda Gorilla Trekking?

Rwanda’s biggest tourist attraction is Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. This park is of three national parks where the endangered mountain gorillas inhabit. Volcanoes National Park has a high concentration of these primates.

Violence and guerrilla activity is known to exist in the Congo’s Virunga National park. This neighbours the Volcanoes National Park but is in D. R. Congo. In the contrary, Volcanoes is considered to be especially safe. as a result, there are many people going for Rwanda gorilla trekking each year.

How Safe is Rwanda

Mountain gorilla treks are regulated. There are trained guides and trackers lead travellers through the park. The government strive to keep this area safe to promote eco-tourism. It is also for the safety of the gorillas, and the conservation of their habitat. You do not have to fear as you are safe to trek gorillas in Rwanda.

How Safe is Rwanda for Americans?

Rwanda is one of the safest and most secure countries in Africa. This is for visitors to Rwanda. It is also true if you follow certain Safety and Security guidelines and tips. Kigali is one of the safest capitals in Africa. There are over 99% of visitors come and leave Rwanda without an incident.

The government is aware that it is its sacred duty to ensure the safety of visitors to Rwanda and its own citizens. The presence of police is evident everywhere. you will find th traffic police to tourism police. All there to make sure that Tourists and Visitors are safe in Rwanda.

So, how safe is Rwanda for Americans and anyone else? Rwanda is safe for visitors and tourists including Americans.

In Conclusion

Just like any other travel, it is important to use common sense about safety wherever you go. Tourists need to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings and valuables at all times. It can be difficult to know what hotels, restaurants, or tour guides to trust. This is true if you have no knowledge of the local language or customs.

Allowing ASTHO Vacations takes the stress out of planning your safari to Rwanda. We are local and we would be the right people to ask how safe is Rwanda?