Beach Resorts in Mozambique
It is time to discover the hidden gems as you explore a must-visit beach resorts in Mozambique Located in East Africa, Mozambique is a charming country with a long, stunning Indian Ocean coastline. Blessed with beautiful tropical weather, the country is known for its wildlife, especially the Big Five, and pristine beaches. This vast area […]
15 Best Places to Visit in Mozambique
There are more than 15 best places to visit in Mozambique. Mozambique is an African country rich in African cultural heritage reflected in its food, music and art. Mozambique generally has a warm tropical climate that suits all types of travelers. Full of beaches, marine parks, colonial ruins and fresh seafood, this South African country […]
Best Things to Do in Mozambique
As you are planning for your African safari to Mozambique among the frequently asked question is what are the best things to do in Mozambique? For years, Mozambique’s international reputation has been overshadowed by civil war and natural disaster. If it is not war taking place in one place, it is a cyclone in a […]
How Safe is Mozambique for Tourist
How safe is Mozambique for tourists? While Mozambique is a popular tourist destination in Africa because of its beautiful tropical beaches the most frequently asked question is How safe is Mozambique for tourists? Most travelers will have no problems visiting Mozambique resorts. Mozambique is a country located on the coast of the Indian Ocean in […]