Best Time to Visit Uganda

Best Time to Visit Uganda

What is the best time to visit Uganda? To every traveler planning a safari to Africa, Uganda also referred to as the Pearl of Africa is recognized as a full travel Africa safari holiday destination.

This can be attributable to its equatorial position and weather. Other aspect that makes Uganda a year-round safari destination is her bordering of the Lake Victoria as well as the unusual weather patterns.

The short wet season in Uganda runs between October and November. On the other hand the prolonged monsoon season runs from mid-March till the end of May. As a result, the months of June, July, August, and September tend to be less rainy. These are the best for those planning to embark on Uganda gorilla trekking.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

If you are not in a position to trek in the middle of the year, the months of January and February to early March should just work fine.

Temperatures in Uganda

Uganda has mean temperatures of about 21.5 degrees Celsius or 71 degrees Fahrenheit; however, temperatures may fall to about 54 degrees Fahrenheit in the night, affecting the altitude.

Year after year, Uganda receives approximately 1000 and 2000 millimeters of rain. The heavens in Uganda seem to be clear all year, which makes many safari tours in Uganda possible.

On the other hand, climate change has resulted in variations in weather patterns, making it more difficult to forecast the weather. 

Many tourists prefer the months between May to September and January to February as the perfect months to explore Uganda. This is because the intensity of rainfall has decreased and the weather is more warm and pleasant in many of the attractions.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

The last month being a festive season is among the busiest. During the month of December, most national parks are quite full, so it is imperative that you book your lodging ahead of in order to prevent disappointment.

Low Season

Many visitors looking to make a saving, choose to travel during low season. This is because lodging is inexpensive. However, this allows them to travel during the rainy season. Going to visit during this time of year also means you’ll be able to explore the wilderness with less people.

The dry season runs from Late December to March and also September to the start of October. This is ideal for game watching in most of Uganda’s protected areas. This is due to the fact that animal within such parks are clustered around water sources.

For the birders, going bird watching is better achieved between November and April, when migrating species are in the region, but it can be done any time of year.

What is the best time to track gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda?

While mountain gorilla trekking is possible throughout the year in Uganda, large number of tourists tend to visit between June and September, as well as December and February.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

That’s also true in Uganda, though the rainy season there begins in March and lasts until May. The storms, albeit not particularly heavy, render gorilla trekking quite a task made worse also by the sheer topography.

At that time of rainfalls, it can take between one or two hours on three days of the week. The sun is out the rest of the time. Even in Uganda’s dry months, small showers can be found in Bwindi Impenetrable Rain Forest.

Best Time to Visit Uganda by Month

January and February

January and February are among the best times to visit Uganda. This is because they are known to be drier. As much as there is some rainfall to be expected in Uganda any moment, the likelihood of this in January and February is often low. Spotting animals on the other hand is particularly really good at this time of year. This is because there is less growth to deny you great views.

There are also a variety of wildlife that can be seen looking for waterholes. The months are also also great time for Uganda gorilla trekking to see the chimpanzees, ornithologist enthusiasts may also have great time looking for migratory bird species.

March, April and May

This is one of Uganda’s rainy seasons. Wild animals tend to give birth in parks, which are lush and green during these months. It also is a good time to look for migrating birds.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

Since intense rain storms are common, the routes are frequently in rough shape. As a result, anticipate bumpier rides.

June, July and August

If you are looking for the best times to visit Uganda then this is it. This is called the dry period, though precipitation remains possible. Since there is much less foliage to block your sight and a range of animals could be seen finding waterholes, it is especially good to go on Uganda safari for wildlife watching. Trekking and seeing mountain gorillas and chimps is also a great option.

September and October

It’s a nice time to go to Uganda, but there’s a chance of rain. Since the foliage stays poor and wildlife keep searching out for waterholes, there will still be good chances to view wildlife.


November, which is considered a rainy season, sees the dry plains of the national parks gradually turn green as heavy rain showers fall over the landscape. It’s a great time to go bird watching.


While there will be some precipitation in December, there will be plenty of chances to see biodiversity. It is also an ideal opportunity to go on a hike in search of mountain gorillas and chimps, and also a number of migrating avian species.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

It is important to note that Uganda is an all year round destination. The best time to Visit Uganda will therefore depend on your interest dues ton the seasonality here.