Best Time to Visit Seychelles

As you are planning your safari in Africa to Seychelles, the biggest question is when is the best time to visit Seychelles?

The Seychelles archipelago, located in the southern hemisphere, is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and has an exceptional climate.

Seychelles is an archipelago of more than 100 islands in the Indian Ocean. The area is famous for its white sandy beaches, azure waters and green landscape.

Being close to the equator, it is not surprising that Seychelles has a warm, tropical climate with  distinct wet and dry seasons. The best time to visit Seychelles is during the summer because of the warm weather and occasional heavy rains.

Temperatures are around 26°C with a maximum of 28°C, perfect for lounging by the pool or a relaxing day at the beach. The trade winds over the Indian Ocean can make it easy to underestimate the sun’s power.

Remember to use sunscreen products during the day, especially between 12:00 and 15:00 when the temperature is at its highest. The Indian Ocean is mild most of the year with an average temperature of 26 °C.

Annual rainfall is 2900mm, meaning you’ll need to pack a raincoat no matter when you decide to visit. The rains are usually quick and short, but if you want to avoid the worst of the rain, the best time to go to Seychelles is in August.

It is one of the driest months of the year, with only 100 mm of rain and plenty of sunshine.

One of the main factor that will determine the best time to visit Seychelles is climate. Seychelles has two main seasons: rainy and cool.

Depending on the location of a particular island in the archipelago, these seasons are not exactly the same, because the distance between the islands below the equator and those closer to Madagascar is more than 620 miles.

Generally, summer in Seychelles lasts all year round. The average temperature is close to 30 °C, while the water temperature is quite similar, on average between 26 °C and 30 °C.

With three main islands, Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, the best time to visit Seychelles is all year round as the climate is ideal for exploring at any time of the year.  The two most important seasons in Seychelles.

 Although Seychelles has a pleasant tropical climate all year round and the best time to visit Seychelles is throughout the year, it is located in the cyclone zone, so there are significant differences between the two seasons, especially in terms of wind.

Best Time to Visit Seychelles by Seasons

Rainy Season in Seychelles

The first season is in October-April. The wind is quite strong from the northwest, but temperatures are hottest when the mercury rises above 30°C.

It is called the rainy season because the air is very humid. December and January are the rainiest months with temperatures ranging from 27°C to 31°C.

In the capital, Victoria, average maximum temperatures in December and January are 29 °C (as in the rest of the year), but rainfall is very high, with 13 inches in December and more than 15 inches in January.

The proportion of rainy days is usually half that, with an average of 15 days in December and January, while August has only seven rainy days.

Cool Season in Seychelles

Between April and October, Seychelles has a cool season, also known as the dry season. The wind blows from the southeast and is much stronger than the wind during the rainy season.

While these storms can be good for windsurfers, the temperatures also drop. In July and August, the average temperature drops to 28 °C.

The while the average minimum temperature also drops by one degree to 25 °C in July, August and September, compared to an average temperature of 26 °C in February and June.

The transition months between the cool and rainy season (October-November and especially April-May) are the best time to visit Seychelles. The temperatures are good, there is little precipitation and the wind is moderate.

Seychelles experiences visible climatic disturbances such as heavy rains and floods followed by very severe droughts. The dry season now lasts longer, although the rains are more intense.

The best time to visit Seychelles is April-May or October-November as these are the least windy months of the year. Those two periods of the year fall between the two trade winds that hit the island every year.

The northwest trade wind blows from November to March and the southeast wind from May to September.

Located just below the equator, Seychelles has warm and perfect beach weather all year round. For those looking to have a beach holiday then the best time to visit Seychelles is all year round.

The hottest months are from December to April and the rainiest are January and February, although there are usually short tropical showers before the sun comes out again.

Monthly Guide to Determine the Best Time to Visit Seychelles:

Visiting Seychelles from January to March

January is considered the best time to visit Seychelles to beat the European winter with high daytime temperatures. The weather is not only hot in the first month of the year, but also very humid, with afternoon rains cooling things down.

The question of when to go to the Seychelles often arises from the seasonal trade winds that wash seaweed onto the shores of some islands.

The best time to visit Seychelles to Fregate, Denis, Praslin and Mahé (private islands of Seychelles) is in February. Here you can eat Creole food, see black parrots and enjoy perfect sea conditions for snorkeling and  diving – but with short showers in the afternoon.

In March the trade winds end, there is much less precipitation and the temperature is higher than in January and February. This is the best time to visit Seychelles for diving and snorkeling as the conditions are pristine this month with underwater visibility of a whopping 30 meters!

One of the highlights of March is the annual hatching season – you can witness them in the wild in the ocean.

Travel to Seychelles from April to June

April is one of the hottest seasons with little wind and rain and is one of the best time to visit Seychelles. It is in fact among the most popular months to travel to Seychelles resorts for a deserving Seychelles holiday.

Diving and snorkeling conditions are excellent. The warmer temperatures mean your time is best spent lazing in the shade of a palm tree, enjoying the calm waters and hiking in the lush forest.

April is followed by May, the climate is warm but slightly less humid. In May, the south-east trade wind blows and the west coast of the island is worth a visit.

June in Seychelles also offers visitors excellent weather with comfortable temperatures during the day and evenings. The wind is slightly stronger than in the drier May. This makes it the best time to visit Seychelles as it’s a good time to walk the many scenic paths while exploring these majestic islands.

It is also the best time of year to visit Seychelles for kayaking, sailing and surfing to take advantage of the windiest weather – and we can tell you where to go in Seychelles.

Visiting Seychelles from July to September

July is the coldest month and is one of the best time to visit Seychelles, especially if you want to avoid the heat at the beginning of the year and enjoy excellent surfing conditions.

August is another southeast trading month for the islands with cool conditions similar to July. This month is the best time to visit Seychelles for hiking enthusiasts – the many trails and untouched areas of the islands demand to be explored.

There is little rain in September and the temperature is slightly warmer before the rainy season begins. September is the best time to visit Seychelles is to sunbathe or swim in the turquoise sea water.

En route to Seychelles from October to December

In October, the weather is pleasant, but the rainy season is just around the corner, and this month is a window of time between southeast and northwest winds.

November is the official start of summer in Seychelles and the temperature starts to rise. Now is the rainy season and the northwesterly trade winds are starting, so it is best to stay on the eastern side of the islands.

If you want a quieter and less crowded island vacation, November is the best time to go to the Seychelles.

December is a much busier month in the islands due to the holiday season, despite the trade winds and rain.

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