Best African Safari Tours

Best African Safari Tours

Are you thinking of an African safari? Planning a safari to Africa can be hectic. This is especially true when you do not have any information. One may feel overwhelmed and clueless. It is thus, so important to have someone to help with doing the hard work for you. We are able to present to you some of the best African safari tours and packages.

We have had over the 20 years of putting together great African safari trips. Over the years, we have had a feel for what works and what doesn’t on all matters African safaris. We have also been able to pair different destinations to know what works well. This has enabled us to coordinate and ensure that all logistics run well. Thus, so when we talk about best African safari tours and packages, trust our experience.

Best African Safari Tours

This article is about top rated African safari tours. We are looking at the most selected tours from all the countries that we operate in. This is a list of selected top African safari tours. These are the best African safari tours and packages that rate most popular.  The rating is by our customers and African safari experts.

Wide Range of Experience from Our Popular African Safari Tours and Packages

It is important to note that our most popular African safari tours offer a range of experiences. We have the multi generation family love of our Namibia and South African holidays. But, there is something for honeymooners and their kin the romantics. They will definitely, fall for our blissful wilderness and beach combos. The adventurers will not waste time going up the roof of Africa or conquering the Mountains of the moon.

Our best African safari tours and packages feature some of Africa’s most iconic destinations. Don’t be surprised to find Cape Town voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world in the list. there are wilderness areas teeming with animals are also in the list. They include the Masai Mara, Kruger National Park and the Serengeti. This list cannot complete without having the stark desert beauty of Namibia. We also have the remote and exclusive corners of Botswana and the iconic Victoria Falls.

Best African Safari Tours and Packages: Our Top 10 Selection

Best African Wildlife Safari Tours and Packages

1.       Best Kenya Safari Tour

Kenya is home to the big five. This is the original home of safari adventure. There are many big names that have been to Kenya for safaris including some of the world’s presidents.

Best Kenya Safari Tour

Making it at the top of the best African safari tours and packages is the best Kenya safari tour. This is a 12 days Kenya safari holiday to some of the world’s premium Parks. On the list of parks that you will tour here include:

·         Masai Mara National Reserve – Theatre to the Annual wildebeest migration

·         Tsavo National Park – Known for the largest herds of elephants

·         Lake Nakuru National Park – Home to both the black and white rhinos

·         Aberdare National Park – Queen Elizabeth II learnt of her father’s death

·         Samburu National Reserve – Home to the Grevy’s Zebra and the Beisa Oryx

This is among the few African safari tours that allow you to see animals on both sides of the hemisphere.

One is also able to combine this safari with a beach holiday in Kenya. It is for those who are looking for adventure, family, honeymoon or a romantic safari to Africa. This is a 12-day Kenya safari tour experience. It is among the best African safari tour packages that you can never want to miss.

2.       Madagascar Wildlife Safari

Making it to the top of our best African safari tours and packages is the 16 days Madagascar wildlife safari. This is a 16 days of wildlife pleasure looking for different wildlife species. They include the lemurs, reptiles among others in the Madagascar forests. This tour takes you to some of the greatest national parks and game reserves. You will visit Northern, Eastern and western Madagascar. Your adventures will include hiking the Marojejy National Park.

Madagascar Wildlife Safari

This is popular with the Sifaka. Other parks that you will visit include:

·         Tsingy of Beramaha National Park

·         Andasibe -Mantadia National Park

·         Ankanin’ny Nofy

3.       9 Day Uganda Gorilla Tour Experience

This tour is an all-time stunner hence making it to this list of the best African safari tours and packages. On this 9 days Uganda gorilla tour experience, you will be following on the tracks of the primates.

This is a 9 days of mountain gorilla trekking and chimp tracking safari experience in Uganda. The mountain gorillas are only in 3 countries of the world. That is Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda has more than 50% of the less than 1000 individual mountain gorillas in the world. You will combine the tour with the search for the tree climbing lions in Ishasha as you track 4 of the big five. Parks that yu will visit on this tour include:

·         Kibale Forest National Park – One of the best places to track chimpanzees

·         Queen Elizabeth National Park – Home to 4 of the big five including tree climbing lions

·         Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – habitat to 50% of the mountain gorillas

Best African Honeymoon and Romantic Packages

1.       6 Day Garden Route Tour

One of the top honeymoon and romantic escapade tour package. This is the 6-day Garden Route tour in South Africa. It is for this reason that this trip makes it to the list of best African safari tours and packages. The Garden Route is a 300-kilometre stretch of the south-western coast of South Africa. The stretch extends from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to the Storms River in the Eastern Cape.

The 6-day Garden Route Tour allows you to visit the Ostrich Feather capital of the world. You will not only be able to taste ostrich meat but a ride on one will not hurt. Other places that you will tour include the Cango caves and the Outeniqua Pass. Here you will enjoy the panoramic views of the Outeniqua Mountain range.

2.       Mozambique Island Hoping Tour

Just imagine 3 to 4 nights on a dhow! Let your imagination become reals as Mozambique Island hopping allows you to do so. This Mozambique tour package lets you hope between remote islands. You will visit and camp on undiscovered romantic beaches. This adventure also allows you to mingle with marine animals. You will go to sleep to the sound of the surf and gaze in awe the star filled African sky.

The Mozambique island hopping tour allows you to explore some of the 32 islands. This is in this remote part of the African coastline region. This is a 7 nights’ island hopping by dhow. It gives you a perfect romantic adventure experience in Mozambique. It is the reason why it makes it to the list of the best African Safari tours and packages

3.       Victoria Falls Romantic Safari Holiday

Also, to make it to the list of Top African safari tours is this safari in Zambia. Victoria Falls Romantic Safari is a deluxe African romantic vacation in Zambia. The Victoria Falls Romantic safari in Zambia takes couples on a romantic journey. You’ll be on an exclusive private hideaway on the banks of the Zambezi River.

You’ll celebrate the natural majesty of the Zambezi River. You’ll also have the mystical Victoria Falls in an ambiance of pure romance. You will have your accommodation in an open-fronted cottage. You’ll enjoy the tranquility of two exquisite Zambia safari lodges.

You’ll stroll along to the thundering echo of the Victoria Falls. This is as you relish under the refreshing showers of this natural phenomenon. You’ll have time to explore the historical town of Livingstone.  This will give you a reason to fall in love with Zambia. The same reasons that the famous explorer, David Livingstone fell in love here too.

Best African Family Safari Tours and Packages

1.       Namibia Family Safari

A family is a source of joy and having them around is one of the best things you would not want to miss. Family safaris are to strengthen the family bonds together. That is why you have Namibia Family safari among the best African safari tours and packages.

Namibia Family Safari

This is a budget conscious tour, a 10-day camping family adventure in Namibia. The budget Namibia family safari is designed for families. It is for those traveling with children in Africa to Namibia. There is a least age of 5 years for children on this Namibia family safari. Driving distances on the budget Namibia family safari have been kept to a least. The sites visited on budget Namibia family safari are well chosen. This is to ensure that they appeal to both adults and children.

2.       Botswana Family Safari

This is another family safari that makes it to the list of best Africa safari tours and packages. This is the 4 days Botswana family safari. This is a child-friendly safari tour in Botswana.  This safari offers families discover African wonders together. Activities are well planned with your whole family in mind.

The young ones will learn African bush tricks. This will include tracking and hunting skills. Accommodation is in twin-bedded Meru tents with a bucket shower and bush toilet. You’ll also have daily laundry service on this African safari in Botswana. A chef will prepare delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy. It’s time to enjoy your Botswana family safari.

Best African Outdoor Safari Tours and Packages

1.       Kilimanjaro Serengeti Zanzibar Holiday Package

This is an outdoor adventure combo with beach holiday. This Tanzania safari also makes it to the best Africa safari tours and packages. This Kilimanjaro Serengeti Zanzibar holiday offers the ultimate African safari holiday. Imagine climbing the highest mountain in Africa. You will also be searching for the big five in Serengeti and a beach holiday vacation in Zanzibar!

Kilimanjaro Serengeti Zanzibar Safari package

Kilimanjaro Serengeti Zanzibar holiday is a 20-day safari in Tanzania. This Kilimanjaro Serengeti Zanzibar holiday starts from Moshi and ends in Zanzibar. This African safari in Tanzania lets you hike Mount Kilimanjaro.

You will also have an opportunity to look for the big five. The 20-day Kilimanjaro Serengeti Zanzibar holiday then heads to Zanzibar. It is here that you will tone everything down with some relaxation.

Best African Historical and Religious Safari Tours and Packages

1.       14 Day Northern Ethiopia Safari

This is a combination of historical, cultural and architectural safari in Africa. This tour offers some of the best Africa safari tours and packages and this is one of them. This 14 days Ethiopia safari tour explores the rich Christian heritage of Ethiopian churches. You will also visit various monasteries and holy sites within Ethiopia.

You will enjoy culture on this 14 days Northern Ethiopian safari tour. It also offers some perfect spots to admire its breathtaking mountainous landscape. You should be on the lookout for the authentic villages of the region. You will enjoy a boat ride on Lake Tana, the main source of the Blue Nile.

Best Multi African Countries Safari Tours and Packages

1.       13 days Ethiopia – Kenya Safari

Making it to the list of best Africa safari tours and packages is the Ethiopia, Kenya Combo. Ethiopia Kenya tour safari is a 13-day African safari to Ethiopia and Kenya. This is a historic, scenic, wildlife and cultural safari in Eastern Africa. The Ethiopia Kenya safari starts in Addis Ababa and ends in Nairobi. You will enjoy the best of Cushitic and nilotic colorful cultures on the Tour. Look forward to the big five safaris in Masai Mara National Reserve. There is also birding in Lake Nakuru National Park. Amboseli National Park is also home to the big five and great Kilimanjaro views.

2.       14 days Mt Kenya Kilimanjaro Climb

This is a Kenya Tanzania safari combination. The 14 days Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro sits on both adventure and combo tours. Imagine hiking 2 of Africa’s highest peaks?

Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro Climbing

Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa. This is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Mt. Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa. The tour allows you to go up two snow capped African mountains near the Equator. It is for the above reason that we have it among the best African safari tours.

We love to custom make each trip to our customer’s tastes. It is but worth having a look at our best African safari tours and packages. There are also iconic destination combos that have been tried and tested. All the above trips are the top choice from our experts and customers. They are good value for money as well as a great source of travel inspiration.

We have often offered itineraries based on our client’s bucket list. We also consider comfort requirements, energy levels, travel dates and of course budget. We have been through the years perfecting our African jungle skills. This is in creating and designing different programmes. They include quality safari camps and lodges that we have selected. This enables us to give you fantastic wildlife experiences. This will WOW you with life long special memories. with us, you are sure of unique once-in-a-lifetime moments in Africa.