African Safari Packing

It is a no brainer that if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure go for an African safari. However, planning for an African safari will not be complete without African safari packing. This is because of the wide-ranging temperatures and restrictive internal flights. The latter comes with stringent luggage restrictions that can make African safari packing a real challenge.

What are the Basic Requirements for African Safari Packing?

There are things that cannot miss in your traveling bag. These are the must have or the basic requirements. These are very important especially when space and weight are at a premium. The question would be what else do you choose and what can you lose? The must have include:

  • Sunscreen
  • A camera
  • A good hat
  • Sporty shoes

African Safari Packing Rules for Every Safari:

Use Soft Malleable Bag with no Wheels

To maximize your options, your best bet for African safari packing is a soft bag. Look for a bag that’s flexible enough to squeeze into a tiny storage compartment. Bags with wheels are a no-no when packing for a safari in Africa. Recommendations include The North Face medium-sized Base Camp Duffel. The Base Camp has internal pockets and can be carried traditionally or as a backpack. Another recommendation is the L.L. Bean medium-sized Adventure Duffel. It comes with its super-lightweight fabric weighing a mere 14 ounces.

Count on Free Laundry

Flying into the bush means you’ll be on small planes with very little cargo space. The small planes come with a luggage limit of 15kg/33lbs per person. This will include camera equipment and carry.  Some camps provide free laundry service though not all of them will launder your undies. So think about African safari packing list for a long, adventure weekend for this destination. This is because you’ll be able to enjoy clean clothes as needed.

Stick to Neutral Colors

When packing for an African safari please avoid bright colors.  These are the colors that scream “See me I’m here!” to the animals. Also avoid wearing black or dark blue while on game drives. The annoying bugs may think you’re a skinny buffalo.

Have you ever thought of layering layers?

African weather is variable and will definitely affect your African safari packing. Evenings and early morning are chilly, but it’s toasty by midday, if not sooner. Layers will keep you prepared for anything. Pants, a T-shirt, a fleece and a light jacket usually suffice outside of the winter months. This enables you to peel down as the sun kicks in. Lightweight cargo pants that unzip into shorts are a great way to get two pieces for the price of one. For women, it is recommended to add a cashmere shawl. It’ll keep you warm when needed, dress up an outfit at dinner, or double as a cover-up at the pool.

Save space for a power strip and other non-clothing essentials

Even the most luxurious camps have a limited number of outlets in each guest tent. We therefore suggest adding a travel power strip to your African safari packing list. This is so that you can charge everything you need each night. And don’t forget a universal adapter. It will come in handy no matter where you travel. Bring an ultra-light day pack that you can take with you on game drives. Here you can carry an extra camera battery or an extra memory card. In it you can have a pocket journal, your sunglasses, sunscreen, and the like. For photography enthusiasts who plan on taking a boatload of photos, a small portable hard drive works. Things like Silicon Power’s Rugged Armor 1TB external drive, is highly recommended.