10 Reasons To Visit Uganda

10 Reasons To Visit Uganda

There are indeed a multitude of reasons to visit Uganda. This being a beautiful country that is endowed by nature is one that you can’t miss. Winston Churchill referred to the nation as the “Pearl of Africa” because of his admiration for it. Continue reading to learn why you might want to travel to this one-of-a-kind fairy tale land.

​All Year Round Sunshine at Your Disposal

Uganda lies on the Equator, therefore the sun in Uganda shines throughout the year. Having that said, Uganda’s atmosphere continues to astound even the citizens themselves, since it can rain and you have sunshine in a matter of minutes. One of the reasons to visit Uganda is to get a good sun tan.

Home to Great Smiles and Some of the Friendliest People in Africa

Just like the sun, so are the smiles on the faces of the people of Uganda. They are known to be as warm all year round as the sun. This has been said been said repeatedly and recorded in several journals and travel magazines that Ugandans are the friendliest people in this region.

Ugandans are not only friendly, but also would want to know more about their visitors’ backgrounds. They will go overboard to make everyone feels at home.

You are Assured of Value for Money

10 Reasons To Visit Uganda

We are living in an era where anything would seem to be quite on the high when cost is involved. So many tourists are looking for better style on a shoestring budget and destinations that assures them of value for money. Uganda is such one destination as it offers some great attractions and accommodation. This has therefore rendered Uganda as one of the most affordable destination in the Africa.

On the other hand, Uganda’s enjoys a lower cost of living when compared to that of its neighbors, giving visitors more buying power to enjoy anything Uganda has to offer.

A Country that is Gifted by Mother Nature

The Pearl of Africa is blessed with many natural wonders, including the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains, which has been described by the National Geographic as being among the best hikes throughout the globe.

10 Reasons To Visit Uganda

Mount Elgon, which has one of the world’s largest volcanic caldera. Uganda also shares her borders with the second largest fresh water lake in the world and the largest in Africa, Lake Victoria.

This is also home to the starting point of the mighty River Nile, the world’s longest river, which has its largest source in Lake Victoria.

A Hotspot for Cultural Diversity

Uganda is a multi-cultural society divided into ethnic groups. Starting from the central and southern regions, as well as to the east, west, and north, each region comes with their own language, traditions, and norms.

Ugandans speak more than 50 different languages. This cultural diversity provides a unique and exciting experience for interested visitors.

Put Your Taste Buds to Test with the Varying Cuisine

Since each community does have its own staple food, Ugandan cuisine is just as diverse as its culture. A typical Ugandan meal is a cause to celebrate, and even some dishes are cooked beforehand and offered at noon the next day.

And then there is the street food, with the rolex being one of the most popular. In very many nations, a Rolex is a wearable timing device, but in Uganda, that’s a common street cuisine which can be enjoyed at any moment of day.

10 Reasons To Visit Uganda

Push Your Adrenaline to The Limit at Uganda’s Adventure Capital

Jinja which was once an industrial capital is regarded as the adrenaline city of East Africa. It is from here that we have the source of the mighty Nile River. This is a must-see attraction for all those pursuing adrenaline rushes. You will find white-water rafting and kayaking.

Jinja is home to some of the finest rapids in Africa. If you are not a water person, bungee jumping would be a great way to have your adrenaline fix. Quad biking and horseback riding are also available to explore the communities all along Nile.

With Your Binoculars Go Bird ‘Hunting’ in Lake Bunyonyi

In southwestern Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi, that implies “lake of small birds,” is situated. It is believed to be  Africa’s second-deepest water body, with a breathtaking view from one of the surrounding hills.

It is so beautiful that it is featured on one of Uganda’s currency notes. The lake has 29 islands, making it a bird lover’s paradise.

Home to Unique and Amazing Wildlife

Uganda is home to the Big Five that includes the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo.

It is also home to unique as rare species including pangolin, tree-climbing lions and the Nile crocodile and a Uganda safari is a good way to sample this country.

There are over 1,000 bird species, including many of the world’s rarest, like the shoebill,, Shelley’s crimson-wing, great blue turaco, and many others, Uganda is a must-see for any enthusiast birdwatcher.

10 Reasons To Visit UgandaUganda is fortunate to be the habitat of the world’s most prominent threatened mountain gorillas, with the largest population on the planet.

These gentle giants can only be found in the Virunga Massif, which is shared by Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park are the two of Uganda’s national parks where these gentle apes can be found.

Keep Young at Heart and Physically with a Dance

Here’s why you should enjoy the very first weekend of September in the Pearl of Africa, specifically Jinja. There is the famous Nyege Nyege International Music Festival has been called Uganda’s Burning Man. Nyege Nyege means “an overwhelming desire to dance.”

10 Reasons To Visit Uganda

It draws revelers from as far as North America and Southeast Asia, and features underground musical performances from across Africa, as well as showcasing the richness of East African cuisine.

The concert is a three-day non – stop entertainment extravaganza with 4 stages along the Nile’s banks; most visitors choose to camp for the full experience.