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Uganda Safari Tours

6 Days Uganda Safari Tour

The 6 Days Uganda Safari tour covers 3 Parks that are Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale Forest National park and Queen Elizabeth Park. The 6 days Uganda safari tour starts at the awesome Murchison falls National Park.

3 Day Murchison Falls Tour

The 3 day Murchison Falls Tour takes you to Murchison Falls National Park. At this Uganda National Park, you are assured of the best all-around park for a three-day African wildlife safari.

5 days tour Murchison Falls

The 5 days tour Murchison Falls takes you to Uganda’s largest national park; Murchison Falls. This Uganda National Park is a perfect birding location. It is a birder’s paradise with 450 bird species recorded.

14 Days Uganda Safari Tour

This is a 14 days Uganda safari tour vacation in Uganda gives you an extraordinary opportunity to discover the marvelous Uganda. This Uganda safari tour is recommended to whoever wants to know more about Africa.